Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mission

The Student Activities Council is a student-run programming organization at Missouri State dedicated to enhancing the college experience through educational, entertaining, cultural, and leisure opportunities for the entire student body.

What is SAC?

The Student Activities Council (SAC) is a student-run, programming organization dedicated to enhancing the college experience for Missouri State’s entire student body! Programming means we provide a wide variety of quality events throughout the year at Missouri State University using the student involvement fee. We strive to ensure that our events appeal to the diverse group of students that make up Missouri State University’s student body. SAC is made up of eight committees: Marketing, Membership Development, Publicity, After Hours, Campus Events, Films, Live Entertainment, and Public Affairs. 

What is the Student Involvement Fee?

The Student Involvement Fee is a $25 fee that all students pay each semester, and comes out of student services fees. SOFAC splits the money to various organizations on campus and this money goes to promote activities for students to enrich campus life.

What type of events are provided by SAC?

The events sponsored by SAC are broken down into five categories with a designated programming committee responsible for each category: After Hours, Campus Events, Films, Live Entertainment, and Public Affairs.  

  • Campus Events hosts a wide variety of events all throughout the year. This committee strives to plan fun and entertaining events during the day and on alternating Thursday evenings from 7pm-10pm so students can have some fun on the way to their next class, or take a much-needed study break.
  • Our Films committee brings a movie theater experience that is completely free for students to campus. Throughout the year, this committee screens a vast variety of different movie genres. This includes recently released blockbusters, multiple themed film series, and your favorite throwbacks.  
  • Live Entertainment specializes in bringing a variety of performers to campus. If it involves a stage and an audience, this committee has it covered. The performers this committee brings to campus range from a local to an international level and include bands/music artists, comedians, celebrity personalities, hypnotists, magicians, student performers, and a whole lot more! 
  • Public Affairs is our most educational and informative committee. This committee is all about the passion for making positive changes in our campus community. We present interactive and fun events that provide students with the cultural competence, ethical leadership, and community engagement that they need in order to uphold the public affairs mission of Missouri State.  

How can I find out what events are happening?

The easiest way to stay up to date on SAC’s upcoming events is via our social media. Following us on any of our social media pages will ensure you know everything there is to know about our upcoming events and will allow you to ask questions via direct message. However, we also do our best to publicize our events all over campus in places like the Plaster Student Union, Meyer Library, Academic Halls, Residence Halls, and more. If you see an SAC event happening on campus, come up to our table and take a look at our flyers for upcoming events. You’re always welcome to come to one of our meetings, email us, or talk in-person with a member.  

Do SAC events cost money to attend?

Most of the time, no! A big goal of ours is to make our events entirely free for those who choose to attend. However, exceptions to this do include our ticketed events such as large concerts and some celebrity speakers. If there is an SAC event that requires tickets or costs to attend, we try our best to communicate that to the public as clearly as possible and far in advance via our publicity and social media.  

I'm not a student at Missouri State University, can I still come to SAC events?

The answer to this depends on an event-by-event basis. Our events prioritize Missouri State University students first and foremost. Some of our events require attendees to show their student ID in order to participate. Some of our other events sell tickets to students as well as the general public. Please reach out to SAC via social media or email if you are a member of the public interested in a specific event and we will do our best to let you know what our projected attendance looks like.  

How do I get involved in SAC?

As of right now, SAC only accepts new members at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester. Make sure you’re following SAC on social media so you’re aware of when the application process starts or email the president for information on the application process. Until then, we meet every Thursday at 4:00 p.m. in the Parliamentary Room (313) of the Plaster Student Union to discuss upcoming events. All students are welcome, and we are always looking for students' input on our activities. Please come to one of our meetings to see what we're all about. If you have ideas, but don't want to attend a meeting, email us! For more information, please contact the Student Activities Council at

What do SAC members do?

SAC wouldn’t be anything without our members! All our general members are known as our All Council, and they play a large part in our success. Each of our members, while being a part of the All Council, is also assigned to a designated committee (either programming or non-programming) once they go through the application process. All our members attend our weekly meetings where they give input and vote on future events. The members who are assigned to programming committees are also responsible for helping their committee chair(s) execute their events when the event takes place. This includes doing a variety of different jobs, but our members always get to enjoy the events while working them. Members who are a part of non-programming committees (i.e., Membership Development, Marketing, and Publicity) also work with their committee chair to ensure SAC’s success but can have the opportunity to work our events as well.  

How much time do SAC members commit to the organization?

It varies from person to person! At a minimum, we ask our members to set aside Tuesdays from 4 pm-5 pm in order to attend our All-Council meetings. However, exceptions can be made only if our members have a scheduled class during that time. This exception cannot be made for two consecutive semesters. We also ask our members to fulfill the duties of their assigned committee once they are admitted into the organization. However, some committees are more of a time commitment than others. We try to communicate and be flexible with all of our members to ensure their experience with SAC is a fantastic one. For more information or questions, please contact our VP of Membership Development at

What are the benefits of joining SAC?

There are tons of benefits to becoming a member! Including but not limited to...

  • Meeting Famous Artists/Guest Speakers
  • Getting Free SAC Merchandise
  • Making New Friends
  • Attending Fun Events
  • Winning Great Prizes
  • Leadership & Service Opportunities

Can I still enjoy the events if I become a member?

Yes of course! Our members always get to enjoy the events while working them. 

Is SAC free to join?

Yes! You do not have to pay any dues whatsoever to become a member of SAC. 

What if I have class from 4-5 PM on Tuesdays during the meeting time?

No worries! We want school to come first for our members and we will work with you, so don't let this stop you from applying.