Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mission

SAC is a student-run programming board dedicated to enhancing the college experience at Missouri State. By effectively utilizing the Student Involvement Fee, SAC aims to provide educational, entertaining, cultural, and leisure opportunities to complement the students' academic experience. As a student voice, we encourage involvement and improve the sense of campus community.

What Is SAC?

The Student Activities Council (SAC) is a student-run organization responsible for providing quality programs for a diverse student body. This programming board plans a variety of events throughout the year at Missouri State University. SAC is made up of eight committees: Publicity, Membership Development, Lectures, Comedy, After Hours, Campus Events, Concerts, Cultural Affairs, and Films.

What Type of Events are Provided by SAC?

Events sponsored by SAC are broken down to six categories: Comedy, After Hours, Campus Events, Concerts, Public Affairs, and Films.  Comedians on campus have included Janeane Garofalo,  Margaret Cho, Jim Breuer, Doug Benson, and Jimmy Fallon. After Hours sponsors free events every Thursday night such as grocery/DVD bingo, Texas hold'em tournaments, Casino night, trivia night, and more. Campus Events sponsors such activities as Rock N' Bowl, hypnotists, and virtual reality rides.  Concerts have included Third Eye Blind, Run DMC, Eve 6, Ben Folds, Nappy Roots, Tonic, Augustana, Motion City Soundtrack, and 98°. Public Affairs is a new addition to SAC. It is a combination of lectures and cultural programs that includes SAC in events that Missouri State celebrates (including Public Affairs Week, cultural heritage months, Missouri State athletics, and May Day). We have brought lectures series of various prominent names to campus including Dr. Ruth, Spike Lee, Kevin Smith, Ben Stein, Ted Kennedy, Jr., Dr. Drew Pinski, Greg Mortenson and many others. Films committee sponsors entertaining movies (showcasing movies not yet released to home video) and the annual Student Film Festival. Check our calendars to see what our upcoming events include.

What is the Student Involvement Fee?

The Student Involvement Fee is a $25 fee that all students pay each semester, and comes out of student services fees. SOFAC splits the money to various organizations on campus and this money goes to promote activities for students to enrich campus life.

How Do I Get Involved?

We meet every Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. in the Parliamentary Room (313) of the Plaster Student Union to discuss upcoming events. All students are welcome and we are always looking for students' input on our activities. Please come to one of our meetings to see what we're all about. Come to a meeting to find out how to earn and maintain voting privileges. If you have ideas, but don't want to attend a meeting, Email Us!

For more information, please contact the Student Activities Council, Plaster Student Union Room 117, or call 417-836-4626, or email SAC at