Member Testimonials

"LCS has given me the opportunity to really understand the needs of our community. It has shown me that no matter how big or how small my contributions are, they will always make a difference."
Katya Urvina-Cabrales
Harmony House

"I have learned more in the past few months, in my marketing position at the Discovery Center, about my career field than all my past jobs combined. This is the first time in my life that I look forward to going to work!"
Matthew Hyde
Discovery Center of Springfield


"In my LCS position, I've led presentations, learned to speak publicly, created lesson plans, and learned how to input data. Working with Springfield Area middle school students, I'm able to share my wisdom, spread knowledge that goes beyond education, teach them valuable life skills, and how to become better men in the world."
Claudonneson Vilme
Center for Dispute Resolution