What are the financial obligations?

As a professional fraternity that is recognized nation-wide, there is a national fee due prior to official induction into the fraternity. That amount is a $100 one-time fee. In order to provide member benefits/resources, such as free practice LSATs, courthouse visits, personal statement seminars, and law school visits, there is also a chapter due of $50/year, which also provides you with a chapter t-shirt..

Do I have to have a certain GPA?

Yes. Any student interested in joining must be in good standing with the university which they attend, according to PAD International rules. MSU defines "good standing" as a 2.0 GPA or above.

What year in school do I have to be?

Any level of undergraduate and/or graduate program is welcome! We encourage people to join as soon as possible (e.g. not waiting until your senior year to join) in order to reap all the benefits available through this fraternity.

Do I have to go through a rush program?

No. Even though we refer to our recruitment efforts as "Rush," it simply means an ongoing recruitment effort, including publicity, events and networking. There is no formal rush process or candidatorial program for membership! After you express interest in joining, you will simply be put on our email list and will be encouraged to come to as many events as possible (if only so we can get to know you!). Once you have met all the financial obligations, you will be required to attend an informal initiation, where you will receive a folder detailing our fraternity's history, traditions, and official handshake. We will also invite you to then attend our end-of-the-semester banquet, which is a great opportunity to socialize with other pre-law students, advisors, and prominent administrators on campus. We follow national guidelines: THERE IS NO HAZING WHATSOEVER. This is a professional fraternity, so the only actions you must partake in to become a member are as follows:

  1. Express interest in joining. You can do so in many ways, but the easiest way would be to fill out the interest form here.
  2. Fill out the membership application forms and return them to our Recruitment Chair. You can return them at any of our weekly meetings, or simply drop them off in our office (Strong 339).
  3. Pay the one time only $100 National Fee for lifelong membership. There is a place to enter payment information on the membership application or you can pay online on the national chapter website.
  4. Pay chapter dues to receive membership benefits. Make checks payable to Phi Alpha Delta and return them to our chapter treasurer at any of our weekly meetings or stop by the office (Strong 339)

What do I have to do to maintain membership?

Once you have met the financial and student requirements for membership and are initiated into the chapter, you are a member for life! However, in order to reap all of the benefits (free practice LSATs; Law school tours, etc.) of being a member you must pay chapter dues yearly.