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Internship Program

We are very pleased to announce ΦΑΔ Pre-Law Fraternity’s Internship Program!

This is an opportunity of lifetime for Pre-Law ΦΑΔ members AND provides the legal community with employees who are truly intrigued by the law!



Are you looking for talented, hardworking employees to fill a position? Why not hire individuals with a genuine interest in the law who are eager to learn everything about the law? Let ΦΑΔ Pre-Law Fraternity match your specific needs with an enthusiastic Pre-Law student at Missouri State University! We have gathered all the preliminary information about interested applicants for you – experience, interests, academic achievements, references.

We have a student database with diverse applicants who are ready to start working for you!

Interested? Simply fill out the Intern Request submission form and let us do the rest!

Once your Intern Request is received, we will review our database for Pre-Law students who possess the criteria you are seeking. We will then provide you with a comprehensive list of qualified applicants in one Application Packet. We will NOT bombard you with emails and resumes – just one Application Packet. This Packet will contain each applicant’s resume as well as an Internship Request Form which contains other vital information such as expectations and interests of the applicant. Should your company be interested in more information, we would be happy to customize your Application Packet to fit your needs.

After you have reviewed the Application Packet and have compiled a list of applicants you wish to interview, contact ΦΑΔ Pre-Law Fraternity with your interview availability. We will schedule each interview per the schedule you provide and parameters you choose. We will save you time AND take the hassle out of the interviewing process.

We hope you will consider inspiring Pre-Law students through our Internship Program!

Should you have any questions or would like further information, do not hesitate to contact ΦΑΔ Pre-Law Fraternity at

We are constantly initiating new members and expanding our database. ΦΑΔ Pre-Law Fraternity would love to assist you in filling your internship positions!


Are you interested in working in a legal environment before heading off to law school? Gain all the knowledge you can before making that life changing decision! What better way to determine your career path than gaining first hand knowledge in the legal field? Make connections within the legal community!

If you are interested in pursuing an internship, complete the online Intern Request Form. You may also submit a hard copy at any meeting or during office hours.

We hope you take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity! Should you have any questions or would like further information, do not hesitate to contact ΦΑΔ Pre-Law Fraternity at