Co-Curricular Transcript

What is a Co-Curricular Transcript?

The Co-Curricular Transcript is an official university document that will showcase a student's "out of the classroom" college experiences. Each experience will be linked to specific learning outcomes to illustrate the transferable skills the student learned through that involvement.

What can go on my Co-Curricular Transcript?

Each student's Co-Curricular Transcript is generated from his or her involvement history on Campus LINK. Therefore, students must be affiliated with all of their organizations on Campus LINK in order for those organizations to appear on the transcript. Common experiences that may be included on the Co-Curricular Transcript include:

  • Organization memberships
  • Leadership positions
  • Community service
  • Study abroad
  • Internships 

More information about building your own Co-Curricular Transcript will be available soon. Please contact Chris Groh with any questions at