Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do if the organization I advise is planning a questionable event?

A: The concerns you have with the event, should be pointed out and other ideas suggested. The advisor may request that the group obtain the opinion of the individuals or groups affected by the action. A meeting may be set up with the appropriate members of the Office of Student Engagement (OSE) staff to clarify any questions.

Q: The members of an organization are traveling. What should I do?

A: If the group is travelling more than 10 miles outside of Springfield city limits, the following must be completed: (1) Trip Registration Form—one for each organization and (2) Trip Activity Release Forms—one form for each Missouri State student participating in the travel activity. These forms must be turned in to the OSE by 4 pm on Friday at least one week prior to the departure date. More information, and travel forms can be found on the Office of Student Engagement website.

Q: I am no longer comfortable being the advisor of the organization. What should I do?

A: Meet with the executive board members and explain that you are no longer comfortable being the advisor of the organization. Give them a reasonable amount of time to find a new advisor. When changes are made, the organization’s CampusLINK roster must be updated and the Assistant Director for Co-Curricular Involvement in the OSE must be notified.

Q: I sense major problems within the organization. What should I do?

A: Meet with the officers and discuss your observations. Brainstorm solutions and get a plan of action. Members of the OSE staff are willing to help mediate or seek solutions.

Q: I find out my organization is in violation of University policies and/or federal, state, or local laws. What should I do?

A: Advisors have a responsibility to bring violations to the attention of the proper authorities. Please contact the OSE as soon as possible.

Q: How many students are necessary to start a new student organization?

A: Per requirements in the “Minimum Standards of Recognition” all organizations are required to have a minimum of 4 Missouri State students in order to remain active on campus, or to start as a new organization.

Q: What are the annual requirements for organizations?

A: Minimum Standards for Recognition

Each organization must have a minimum of four currently enrolled Missouri State student members.

The Executive office of President must be filled; all other offices are optional and left up to the individual organization’s discretion.

All officers must have and maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA.

Missouri State University students must hold all executive positions.

Each executive position must be held by a different individual.

A full time faculty/staff member is required to fultill the position of advisor.

The majority of the members must be Missouri State students.

Each organization must develop a clearly stated lawful purpose, which must be part of both a constitution and bylaws documents.

An officer must attend on student organization orientation meeting in the beginning of each fall semester.

Each organization must comply with University policies and regulations pertaining to student organizations

Organizations must complete Annual Registration on CampusLINK each year by September 30th.

Q: How can my organization find an advisor?

A: An advisor must be a full time faculty or staff member, and should be an individual who is interested in the organization’s purpose or activities and is willing to spend time with the students. Ask University faculty/staff that you know well, have classes with, have a connection to the organization, etc. If you continue to have difficulty finding an advisor, contact the OSE for further assistance.

Q: What services are offered to student organizations?

A: All registered student organization in good standing may:

Apply for and be eligible for SOFAC funding

Use bulletin board space around campus for advertising

Fundraise on campus

Utilize a mailbox located in the OSE (PSU 101)

Reserve space on campus for events and/or meetings

Apply for and be eligible for locker and/or office space in the OSE

Listed in University publications, web pages, and CampusLINK

Able to participate in University-wide events

Q: How can my organization set up an email account and/or website?

A: Contact the OSE and/or visit their website for information on how to set up an organization email account and/or website. Creating a CampusLINK page for the organization is another great way to share information about the group and to recruit new members.

Q: Can my organization set up a bank account?

A: Yes! Articles of Incorporation of a Nonprofit Organization and an Employer Identification Number request forms must be filed and confirmation received before you can open a bank account. Please refer to the section in this book regarding Organization Banking for more information.

Q: How does my organization receive funding?

A: As a Registered Student Organization at MSU, you are eligible for funding through many sources. A great first step is to check out the Student Organization Funding Allocation Council (SOFAC) guidelines for information on what is and is not eligible for funding for your organization. These guidelines can be found in the back of the Student Organization Handbook and also online through the OSE website. Other sources of funding include: Public Affairs Grant Program, Student Activities Council Co-Programming, and Residence Hall Association Co-Sponsorship. Find more information about funding opportunities by referring to the section in this book regarding Organization Banking.

Q: What leadership opportunities are available for student organizations?

A: Leadership opportunities for students and organizations are a plenty at Missouri State. Individual students should check out the Leadership Programs offered by the OSE which includes: the Emerging Leaders, Centennial Leaders, and Distinction in Public Affairs programs. Organizations are encouraged to attend as many programs as part of the Student Organization Leadership Development (SOLD) program through the OSE as well. This program includes monthly sessions on various leadership and organization topics, as well as a monthly CampusLINK tutorial and training. Find more information regarding these opportunities by contacting the OSE or by visiting their website.

Q: How can my organization be recognized for their activity and leadership?

A: STAR Awards is an annual event where students, officers, advisors, and organizations are recognized in multiple categories. Applications for STAR Awards are typically available at the beginning of the Spring Semester and are due in early March. Visit the OSE website for more information on STAR Awards.

SNAPS (Students Noticing Advisor Participation and Support) is a new program in the OSE where student organizations can get recognition for their organization advisor in a quick and easy manner. For information on how to send SNAPS to your advisor, visit the OSE website for more information or call 836-6499.