Who Can Be an Advisor?

According to the Minimum Standards for Recognition set by the Office of Student Engagement (OSE), all registered student organizations must have a full-time faculty or staff member advisor. While the OSE recognizes the importance of graduate assistants as advisors, each organization must still have a full-time university employee as an advisor.

What is Organization Advising?

An advisor of a student organization is an educator in a “non-traditional classroom.” The advisor uses personal expertise and perspective to stimulate individual development of members and the overall development of the organization.

The advisor’s main purpose is to work with the designated leaders and members of a functioning student organization with the intent of:

  • Providing a sense of continuity for the organization especially during officer transition
  • Being a resource person with a knowledge base for institutional policies
  • Assisting the leaders and members to fulfill their responsibilities
  • Aiding the organization to define and achieve its goals and objectives
  • Integrating organizational activity with the overall purpose of the educational setting.

Adapted from UW-Milwaukee’s Student Organization Advisor Manual, 5/2011