Importance of an Advisor

Advisors of student organizations are worth more than their weight in gold. An advisor can provide continuity, support student organizations, guide students through tough times, and enhance the good times. This supplement provides current Missouri State University advisors with the support and information needed to find success and satisfaction in the position. It also gives potential advisors a taste of what advising entails.

Benefits of Serving as an Advisor

  • A unique opportunity for getting to know and work with students outside the classroom or office.
  • The reward of watching the group develop and grow to its fullest potential.
  • The reward of watching students mature and develop their individual skill and talents.
  • Satisfaction and sense of accomplishment through making a special contribution to a particular group of students.
  • The informal opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise on relevant topics.
  • The chance to demonstrate service to students, an organization, and the university.

Advisor Trainings 

Each semester the Office of Student Engagement conducts several Advisor Trainings to inform and assist staff/faculty that advise student organizations on campus. Check here for upcoming trainings and presentations.

  • Monday, October 30th: 12pm -1pm (PSU 315) Annual Orientation/SOFAC & CampusLINK
  • Tueday, October 31st: 12pm -1pm (PSU 317) Annual Orientation/SOFAC & CampusLINK
  • Wednesday, November 1st: 12pm-1pm (PSU 315) Annual Orientation/SOFAC & CampusLINK
  • Thursday, November 2nd: 12pm-1pm (Ballroom East) Annual Orientation/SOFAC & CampusLINK
  • Monday, February 5th: 12pm-1pm (PSU 312 A&B) SOFAC & Budgeting


Interested in Becoming an Advisor?

If you are interested in becoming a student organization advisor please complete this form. The following form will be used to connect prospective advisors to student organizations based on common interest. If an organization should arise that best fits your interest, you will be contacted by the Office of Student Engagement with further information.

Advisor Supplement to the Student Organization Handbook

The Student Organization Handbook’s Advisor’s Supplement is an assortment of suggestions, tips, expectations, and procedures consolidated into one resource. It does not, however, include everything an advisor needs to know or have the answers to every situation. The Advisor Supplement offers a good starting point for an advisor’s success.

The following pages provide a framework for advisors to use when working with a student organization. The most important thing to remember as an advisor is every organization, and every student, is different. Part of your role is to assist members as they develop their unique foundation for productivity, goal-setting, and decision-making skills that will prepare them for life beyond the university.


Organization Development

Adapted from UW-Milwaukee’s Student Organization Advisor Manual, 5/2011