Get Involved

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Why get involved?

  • Ease the transition to college
  • Incentive to be academically successful
  • Develop relationships with others with common interests
  • Increased commitment to complete degree
  • Interpersonal skills and personal growth
  • Exposure to different views and perspectives
  • Significant advantage in internship placement and employment

Types of organizations

Academic/Professional- These organizations are associated with academic departments or careers, and provide a network of people with similar interests, further learning through lectures and programs, and possible job and internship opportunities.

Arts & Music- The purpose of these organizations is to provide members an opportunity to learn, discuss, display, and perform various art forms including painting, film, music, theatre, and dance.

Community Service- The purpose of these organizations is to provide service to the community through volunteering and fundraising for causes.

Cultural/International- These organizations are centered around the appreciation of a specific culture, race, or ethnic group. They allow members to meet people with similar characteristics and may provide education to the community about that culture.

Fraternity & Sorority Life- Social fraternities and sororities are those that fall under the governance of Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, or National Pan-Hellenic Council. These organizations promote brotherhood and sisterhood among members, as well as academic achievement and individual development.

Honorary- Honorary organizations provide recognition to students who have met certain eligible requirements, which may include: GPA, leadership, academic program, etc.

Political- The purpose of these organizations is to support a specific political party, political candidate, or political ideal.

Recreation/Wellness- These organizations promote a healthy life for their members by engaging in recreational activities and other wellness programs.

Religious- Religious organizations help students develop or strengthen religious beliefs. These organizations are directly linked to a specific church or religious preference, or have a religious or spiritual purpose.

Residence Life- Residence Life organizations are those that are directly associated with a specific residence hall, or those related to residence hall issues. They provide students with the opportunity to govern their residence hall, provide programming, and offer feedback.

Social Concerns- The purpose of these organizations is to bring awareness about a certain social concern, and to participate in activities to support their cause. Examples of social concerns may include: fight against cancer, anti-smoking, anti-genocide, etc.

Special Interest/Other- These organizations are characterized by a specific interest shared among members that is directly linked with any of the other categories.

Sports Clubs- The purpose of sports clubs are to provide members with the opportunity to play a sport competitively. Many of these organizations belong to a national league.

University- These organizations represent Missouri State University as ambassadors. They reach out to other students, faculty/staff, alumni, and future students to promote Missouri State and to provide feedback from students to other stakeholders. These groups may be affiliated with a University department or office, or are meant to represent the student body as a whole. Examples include Residence Hall organizations, University Ambassadors, Student Government Association, and Student Activities Council.