About Student Organization

With over 350 student organizations registered with the Office of Student Engagement, Missouri State University offers students a wide variety of ways to get involved on campus. Participating in student organizations will bring you together with other students who have similar ideas and goals. Not only will you learn from each other, but you can also develop friendships and contacts. Student organizations are grouped into eight categories according to their main purpose. These include academic/professional, Greek social, honorary, religious, service, social, sports, and university. Make the most of your college experience and get involved!

Involved students are more likely to graduate, feel more connected to the university, the campus, and the people, and are more familiar with university resources. Those students who get involved in student organizations, fraternities and sororities, leadership programs, and other campus activities report higher levels of satisfaction with their college experience.

If you have any questions about the status of your student organization, want to start a new organization, or want more information about student organizations, contact the Office of Student Engagement at 417-836-4386 or email us at StudentEngagement@MissouriState.edu. The Office of Student Engagement is located in the Plaster Student Union, room 101, across from Starbuck’s.

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