Japanese Animation Club

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Banner created by Kali. Seika Matsume created by Ross Higgins.


Welcome to the official web site of the Japanese Animation Club of Missouri State University! We strive to examine and enjoy Japanese animation and culture. Whether you come to meet new people or just take a break from your classes, we hope you enjoy your time with us.


Meetings take place every Friday of the semester so long as the campus is open. We meet in Cheek 102 and begin with Random Anime at 5pm. You are welcome to come early and enjoy some fun youtube videos shared to us by other members and get to know some of our members.

Fall 2015 Line-up 

  • Random Anime (changes weekly)
  • Steins Gate (purchased)

  • 3 TBA animes to be voted upon Friday August 21.

During the first meeting we will watch the first episode of many animes brought in by members and vote on the three we'd like to continue. On August 28 we will begin with an episode of a random anime brought in by members of the club, then episodes 1 and 2 of Steins Gate and episodes 2 and 3 of the three animes. A full schedule will be posted by the end of the second meeting.

Spring 2016 Schedule