Chapter Information

Please read our Constitution and Bylaws to learn more about the structure of our organization. STC members passed them on Feb. 26, 2004, by a unanimous vote. To review the new versions, please use the links below. The previous versions were created circa 1980 on a typewriter.

Current Officers

President - Abigail Blaes
Vice President - Maria Meluso
Secretary - Kristina Khodai
Publicity Chair - Manda Eigenmann

Elections occur at the first meeting of the fall semester, usually in early September. All STC members can run for office if they're students and in good standing with the university.


Join our chapter of STC on CampusLINK! There are no membership fees to be a part of our local chapter of STC.

Chapter Sponsors

Missouri State University English Department

Dr. Rhonda Stanton, English Department Graduate Director and Program Coordinator for Professional/Technical Writing