SPS Activities

Past Activities

2016 Summer Semester

  • 6/01/2016  Finished Oscylinderscope exhibit at Discovery Center

2015 Fall Semester

  • 10/01/2015  Begin building Oscylinderscope exhibit at Discovery Center
  • 11/07/2015  FUN-damentals of Physics outreach day at the Discovery Center in Springfield, Missouri.
  • 11/21/2015  5-day trip to visit JILA, NIST, and NCAR in Colorado.

2011 Fall Semester

  • 09/06/2011  Organizational Meeting
  • 09/20/2011  MSU SPS Student-led Discussion Series:The Weak Force by Aron McCart and The Great String Debate a recorded debate between Lawrence Krauss and Briane Green

2009 Spring Semester

  • 02/03/2009  Field Trip to the Jordan Valley Innovation Center
  • 02/12/2009  SPS Seminar: Solar Car Racing (Speaker: Dr. Douglas Carroll, MSU-MS&T Engineering)
  • 03/04/2009  Field Trip to the Discovery Center
  • 04/02/2009   SPS Seminar: Engineering Careers in the U. S. Navy  (Speaker: LT Charles Richards, U.S. Navy)
  • 04/2009 Physics Demo at Greenwood Laboratory School

2008 Fall Semester

  • 08/23/2008  New Student Festival: collected 16 email address of people who are interested in SPS. The students really liked the demos.
  • 09/03/2008  1st SPS Meeting of the Year
  • 09/18/2008  Community Carnival
  • 09/24/2008  SPS Seminar: What is so “Special” about Special Theory of Relativity? (Speaker: Dr. Saibal Mitra, MSU)
  • 10/03/2008  A joint BBQ with the Ozarks Amateur Astronomers Club and Alpha Phi Omega (a community service organization)
  • 10/29/2008  SPS Seminar: Accident Reconstruction: Classical Physics, Human Factors, and Forensics (Speaker: Dr. Bruno Schmidt, MSU emeritus professor)
  • 12/04/2008  SPS Seminar: Career Preparation within the Academic Environment (Speaker: Kenneth G. Vickers, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville)

2008 Spring Semester

  • 02/19/2008  A jointly meeting with the SPS of the Drury University
  • 02/20/2008  SPS Seminar: Quantum Physics (Speaker: Dr. Kandiah Manivannan, MSU)
  • 03/11/2008  Field trip to the Discovery Center
  • 03/12/2008  SPS Seminar: Astronomy Potpouri (Speaker: Dr. Michael Reed, MSU)
  • 04/16/2008  SPS Seminar: What is so “Special” about Special Theory of Relativity? (Speaker: Dr. Saibal Mitra, MSU)
  • 04/30/2008  May Day. The SPS members and the PAMS faculty set up a Science Center at the Plaster Student Union to demonstrate Physics to the public.