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These links are provided as a reference for current and future Pre-Medical Society members: Missouri State University, Application Resources, Medical School and MCAT Preparation, and Medical Profession Resources.

Missouri State University

Pre-Medical Committee

Contact information

Molly Holtmann, Mercy Volunteer Director

Mercy Auxiliary
(417) 820-2041
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Coxhealth Volunteer Services
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Harmony House Volunteer Webpage

Ronald McDonald House
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Convoy of Hope
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Application resources

  • AACOMAS Application
    For students planning on obtaining a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) degree, the AACOMAS is the primary service for applying to those medical schools.
  • AMCAS Application
    For students planning on obtaining a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree, the AMCAS is the primary service for applying to those medical schools.
  • MCAT Application
    The official online MCAT registration page.

Medical School and MCAT preparation

  • American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine
    AACOM represents medical schools offering the DO degree. This site has information about osteopathic medicine, the schools it represents, and AACOMAS.
  • American Association of Medical Colleges
    AAMC represents medical schools offering the MD degree. This site offers information about the various medical schools, the MCAT (including a free practice test), and AMCAS.
  • Kaplan
    Kaplan has extensive information about preparation for medical school, especially the MCAT. Kaplan also offers free MCAT questions and tests.
  • The Princeton Review
    The Princeton Review has many articles on medical school preparation and the MCAT. The Review also has a free online practice MCAT.
  • The Student Doctor Network
    The Student Doctor Network has many resources for pre-medical students including their "Big Guide to Medical School", medical student diaries, and medical school interview feedback.
  • - online MCAT training for premed students who want to become doctors.
  • - best reviewed MCAT materials including The Gold Standard, Kaplan, Princeton Review and Examkrackers.

Medical profession resources

  • American Medical Association (AMA)
    The AMA is the professional organization for physicians. The AMA website contains medical news, publications, and information for medical school and residency.
  • Q Fever
    Needing a break from the tests and applications? Spend some time at Q Fever, a site with Medical Humor Satire for Healthcare Professionals

Bryant Scholars Program for early admission to the MU School of Medicine

MSU maintains a cooperative agreement with the MU School of Medicine whereby up to five of our freshmen each year can gain early admission to medical school. Details about the requirements and expectations can be found in the attached document, or directly at the Bryant Pre-Admissions Program Requirements and Information page. Students who are accepted into the Bryant Scholars Program are not required to take the MCAT exam and are therefore free to pursue a more broadly-based undergraduate education. Indeed, they are encouraged to seek broad training in the social sciences to better prepare themselves for successful leadership in a rural community.

Contact Dr. Garrad (Professor Biomedical Sciences and Chair of the Premedical Committee) to obtain the application materials and other important information. It is important that interested students start the application process immediately because they will need to obtain personal evaluations from several different sources, including high school mentors. Completed applications need to be submitted to Dr. Garrad in an appropriate time manner.

Early admission information

Check out early admission information to MU and A. T.