Student Organization Annual Registration

Student organization presidents must complete the Annual Registration process each Fall semester to activate their organization for the current academic school year. If the student organization does not meet the necessary requirements before the deadline set by the Office of Student Engagement, the organization will be placed on a two week probation.

During this two week probationary period, student organizations lose all privileges of registered student organizations, including, but not limited to, space reservations and participation in Homecoming activities.

At the conclusion of the probationary period, student organizations will be allowed to become a registered organization by meeting the annual registration requirements during a limited one week time period set by the Office of Student Engagement. 

Registration process

Each Fall semester, we will continue to have all student organizations complete the re-registration experience through Zoom. A zoom link will be emailed to all organization presidents before the registration sessions begin. Please ensure that you are following the information below to have your organization re-instated.

  1. Attend a mandatory Student Organization Orientation Training
  2. Complete required information.