Missouri State University

Graduate Student Council - Meeting Minutes September 13, 2004

GSC Exec Meeting

Sept. 13, 2004

3:00 pm

Union Club

Members in attendance: 25, including exec members, and also Dr. Bushman


     1. Students signed in and put their names in the drawings for door prizes.

          Students received prizes such as restaurant gift certificates, free hair cut, etc.

     2. Michelle presented an introduction to the Graduate Student Council (GSC) and explained who comprises the graduate school and what the role of the GSC will be to assist and benefit these students.  She also discussed the vision of GSC, introduced the executive members and Dr. Bushman, and those appointed for various positions. 

          Webmasters: Luke Reven and Timothy D. Brown

          SOFAC Rep - Michael Sahmel

          SGA Rep - Josh Dill (also one position open)

          Faculty Senate Rep - Tracy Glasken

          Interdisciplinary Committee Rep - Robert Schafer

          Michelle is looking into getting a graduate student representative on the Judicial Review Board

     3. *** We also voted on a meeting time which set for 4-5pm every other Monday***

              Meetings will run 1 hour, the first half spent with general business and committee reports, and the second where committees will have time to meet and discuss their own agendas.

Our first meeting will be Monday, Sept. 27, 4-5pm  (in the union - Michelle will be making a reservation)

     4. Chang introduced committee chairpersons and outlined the responsibilities of each committee.

             Education, Scholarship, & Professional Development Committee, Chair: Megan Costello -- Responsible for Interdisciplinary Forum

             Social & Service Committee, Chair: Genevieve Sawyer --- Responsible for social events throughout the semester

             Student Life & Advocacy Committee, Chair: Kyle Welberding (elected at this meeting) -- Responsible for the grad student survey

             Publicity Committee, Chair: Jami Frush --- Responsible for publicizing meetings and other events    

            Students broke into committees to discuss their ideas and goals.  They will report back to the general body at the next meeting.  Also, each committee will be responsible for selecting a recorder to report their committee meeting minutes back to the GSC secretary, Meagan Howell.