About CMB Society

The Student Society of Cell and Molecular Biologists (aka CMB Society) is a student organization dedicated to assisting undergraduates with an interest in Cell and Molecular Biology. We offer informational meetings, community volunteer opportunities, and social and networking events.

Our members are a highly diverse group of students who share the goal of achieving a degree in Cell and Molecular Biology. Members include those with interests in medicine, dentistry, optometry, medical technology, dietetics, physical therapy, physicians assistant, graduate nursing specialties (such as nurse anesthesia), biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals, exercise biology, and graduate studies in biosciences...among others. Membership provides opportunities to work and study with like-minded individuals; this environment is advantageous when studying for the shared courses of a CMB major, attempting to maintain a competitive grade point average (GPA), and working toward goals after graduation such as acceptance to medical school or a graduate program.

We hold monthly meetings to discuss current events for the CMB Society, our philanthropic involvement, and from time to time will feature a speaker to discuss topics of interests to CMB students. We also participate in community charity event in and off of campus. This and related information can be found in the Calender of Events.

Join us at our next meeting or contact us. We look forward to meeting you soon!