Requirements to Join


  1. Complete a minimum of 3 semesters
  2. Complete a minimum of 12 hours
  3. Attain at least a 3.5 GPA in Religious Studies courses
  4. Attain an overall 3.0 GPA
  5. Rank in at least the upper 35% of the student's class


  1. Complete 1/2 of their credit hours
  2. Attain at least a 3.5 GPA

Induction fee and Annual Dues

  • Lifetime membership and induction: $25 to national organization and $5 to local organization. Paid by check to TAK
  • Active annual fee (voluntary) is $20

Benefits of Membership

  • Members are eligible for National Dean's List
  • Scholarships are available, including the Albert Clark Award, the Undergraduate Achievement Award, and the Graduate Fellowship Award.
  • Receipt of the TAK journal, and opportunity to publish in it.