Student National Education Association

The Student National Education Association (SNEA) nationwide has over 60,000 members with over 900 college/university campus chapters. The Missouri State SNEA strives to promote community partnerships and foster leadership. The organization is an excellent supplement to our formal teacher-education training because of the networking opportunities with professionals in the field. Student delegations attend two national conferences, the Summer Leadership Conference and the Fall Connections Conference. A goal of SNEA is to recruit quality teacher candidates and increase the number of ethnic-minority teacher candidates.


August SNEA Kick-off Meeting

When: Tuesday, August 30th

Where: PSU 314C

Time: 6:00-7:30 pm


Exciting kick-off the year celebration including pizza, MNEA speakers, door prizes and other fun activities! Hope you can join us!!



Diana Piccolo-Sponsor

Rachel Hawkins-President


SNEA sponsor

Hope to see you there!!

Dr. Diana Piccolo

SNEA sponsor


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