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tulip Retreat Funnies By: Jefita

tulip Fashion Show Success By: Jefita

tulip Chiquita Bonita By: Jefita

tulipSteak N Shake Bonding By: Neta

Retreat Funnies

By: Jefita

The funniest things happen when you hang out with your Hermanas. Talk about bloopers. Once, when we had a retreat, Mamacita lost 40 pounds. I can't tell you how though, so ask her!

Another time during the same retreat, we went Snipe hunting and Mamacita caught one. I never thought I would see Mamacita run so fast! Snipe, snipe!

Also, can you believe it took Mamacita and Habanera over one hour to finish one hole of golf? The golf course owner felt so sorry for them that he didn't even charge them.

Mamacita and Habanera playing golf
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Fashion Show Success

By: Jefita

During our first Fashion Show at MSU, we were working hard to organize the music, costumes and dances. We almost didn't get to finish the background design for the stage.

We rushed to spray paint a huge styrofoam panel. It was messy, big and really cool looking. The show was a hit.

First Annual Latino Fashion Show group
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Chiquita Bonita

By: Jefita

One day, long, long ago, there was a young mujer people called Chiquita Bonita. She had long dark hair, honey colored skin and a smile that raised the moon every night. Birds gathered around her wherever she went and a soft breeze gently followed behind her.

Chiquita Bonita would wander through her village, inspiring others to get up from their nothingness and to do more with their own lives. She would sing, therefore encouraging others to lift their voices for the betterment of all human ears, rather than spread the plague of an evil tongue. She would hold another child's hand and inspire the villagers to embrace each other as neighbors. Her tears shattered every young heart and kindled determination to every spirit.

Chiquita Bonita lived her life as everyone wished they could. She made every second worth a thousand days and her every encounter with her fellow villagers have lasted in the stories heard in the winds. Her burial was a celebration of life and beautiful tulips sprung from her grave. Butterflies flocked to her bed everyday and small frogs protected her every night. She exist still in every shape and form, in every movement and word, in every deed and laugh. We are one in the same. Her spirit lies within Sigma Alpha Chi, coqui's por vida.

Steak N Shake Bonding

By: Neta

As a Sigma Alpha Chi alum returning for a second degree, I felt it was important to get to know the new hermanas who crossed after I had graduated. So I introduced them to a sorority tradition: late night dinners at the local Steak N Shake, a tradition they sadly knew nothing about. Good times were had by all, and my new hermanas taught me some valuable things.

Devota introduced me to the wonderfully delicious double strawberry milkshake, a treat I had somehow overlooked. Delia proved to be the perfect person to eat my chocolate wafer, while Liz and La Artista kept me entertained with their hilarious stories and infectious laughter. The other patrons seemed to tolerate us as the noise of our conversation overtook our corner of the tiny restaurant. At the end of the meal, I picked up the check, much to the chagrin of the waiter. Trying to be helpful, he had separated our checks, so I was left to carry numerous strips of paper up to the register and force the cashier to readd the total. I actually felt like I had a life that night; we shall have to do it again sometime, hermanas.

Delia, Courtenay, and Eliza
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frog at computer
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