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Parent's Day 1998
(l-r)Lopie, Julia, Lourdes, Catalina (in front), Alicia, Jesi, and Monique
Parent's Day, 1998

Lourdes, Lopie, Claudia, Catalina, and Alicia
Lourdes, Lopie, Claudia, Catalina, and Alicia

Jenny and Sera
Jenny and Sera, flashing the Sigma Alpha Chi sign

Danielle Sera, Jesi, Rachel, and Courtenay
Retreat 1999:
(left) Danielle; (right) Sera and Jesi (top); Rachel and Courtenay (bottom)

Founding Madre Jennifer's wedding
Founding Madre Jennifer's wedding

Hermana's at the Finer Womanhood Ball
Jesi, Lourdes, Lopie, Jeannie, Nikki, and Claudia at the Finer Womanhood Dinner (who's event was this?)

Jeanniea and Nikki mugging for the camera
Jeannie and Nikki, mugging for the camera

The Founding Madres through Gamma Classes
Top: Lopie, Claudia, Alicia
Middle: Courtenay, Catalina, Monique, Julia
Bottom: Jessi, Nikki, and Jeannie

Some hermanas at Planet Branson
Lopie, Claudia, Nikki, Jeannie, Christina, Sera, and Jessi (seated) at Jessi's baby shower

Martin, Julia's son
Beta Class Julia's son, Martin
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