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Important Notifications for Pre-Medical Students

Contact information for Molly Holtmann, St. John's Volunteer Director: (417)-820-2459,

Campus Link Information

Campus LINK is an online community that enables students to learn about organizations they would like to join, get information about upcoming events on campus, and track their involvement in student organizations, community service, and internships to generate a co-curricular transcript. 

Student organizations can use the site to communicate with members through discussion boards, post important documents, create surveys for members, and advertise events to the entire campus.  Individual students will set up their profile and "join" their organizations online.  New students can search through all the organizations to find ones that interest them, which will help all our student orgs get their names out there.

Campus LINK is also the site where every student can generate their co-curricular transcript, an official university document that will track such activities as organization membership, leadership positions, community service, internships, study abroad, and more!  This will be a great resource for students as they graduate to show employers and grad schools how being involved in college has prepared them for their future.

 Co-Curricular Transcript

What is a Co-Curricular Transcript?

The Co-Curricular Transcript is an official university document that will showcase a student's "out of the classroom" college experiences.  Each experience will be linked to specific learning outcomes to illustrate the transferable skills the student learned through that involvement.

What can go on my Co-Curricular Transcript?

Each student's Co-Curricular Transcript is generated from his or her involvement history on Campus LINK.  Therefore, students must be affiliated with all of their organizations on Campus LINK in order for those organizations to appear on the transcript.  Common experiences that may be included on the Co-Curricular Transcript include:

  • Organization memberships
  • Leadership positions
  • Community service
  • Study abroad
  • Internships


Instructions on how to join campus link: Follow the link to MSU Pre-Medical Society campus link site. Then join organization. We will accept you as a member.  We will also post our meetings on campus link along with other social activities.  The meetings and other social activities will also be posted on our official website. See Spring 2012 Pre-Med Schedule below. 



Spring 2012 Pre-Med Schedule





                                     Meetings and Service Events:         







Welcome to the official Web site for the Missouri State University Pre-Medical Society. We are here to assist you on your journey to medical school. Our Web site serves as a tool to maintain our membership and a resource for pre-medical students. Please browse our About Us, Current Members, and Future Members pages to learn more about our organization.

It is never too early to begin preparing for medical school. Check out our Links pages to get started.  As you navigate the Web site please contact us with questions and suggestions.

Bryant Scholars Program for early admission to the MU School of Medicine

MSU maintains a cooperative agreement with the MU School of Medicine whereby up to five of our freshmen each year can gain early admission to medical school.  Details about the requirements and expectations can be found in the attached document, or directly at the Bryant Pre-Admissions Program Requirements and Information page. Students who are accepted into the Bryant Scholars Program are not required to take the MCAT exam and are therefore free to pursue a more broadly-based undergraduate education.  Indeed, they are encouraged to seek broad training in the social sciences to better prepare themselves for successful leadership in a rural community.

Contact Dr. Garrad (Professor Biomedical Sciences and Chair of the Premedical Committee) to obtain the application materials and other important information.  It is important that interested students start the application process immediately because they will need to obtain personal evaluations from several different sources, including high school mentors.  Completed applications need to be submitted to Dr. Garrad in an appropriate time manner. 

Early Admission Information

Check out early admission information to MU and A. T. Still here!