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Anna Scesny (graduated with M.S. in Aug. 2006)
Spring 2005:  Cottonmouth. Mingo National Wildlife Refuge.

Oct. 2005: Juvenile Northern Water Snake.  Near Lake Springfield.

Winter 2005:  Red Bat. Bull Shoals Field Station.

Winter 2006:  Armadillo. Busiek State Forest.

Summer 2005:  Columbian Ground Squirrel. Glacier National Park.

Fall 2005:  Titmouse. Bull Shoals Field Station.

Winter 2004:  Flying Squirrel. Bull Shoals Field Station.

Fall 2005:  Rough Green Snake. Prairie State Park.

Winter 2006:  Hoary Bat. Peck Ranch.

Summer 2005:  Indigo Bunting. Mammalogy Field Trip.

April 2006:  Black rat snake.  Van Meter State Park.

April 2006:  2 Yellow-bellied racers, near Sedalia, MO.


Bri Kaiser (graduated with M.S. in Dec. 2005)
Sept. 2005:  Doing her monkeyface with a monkeyface mussel.  Neosho River, KS.

Jan. 2006: Posing in front of a sod farm.  Spring River, MO.

ASM 2005.

April 2006

April 2006



Chris Bork
April 2006:  Chris with shocking gear and a Creek Chub.



Christin Dzurick
March 2006:  Releasing an Indiana bat at Great Scott Cave.  Sullivan, MO.

March 2006:  Look closely, there is a bat on Christin's neck.

March 2006:  Indiana bat, Great Scott Cave.  Sullivan, MO.

March 2006:  2 Indiana bats, Great Scott Cave.  Sullivan, MO.

May 2006:  Marbled Salamander.  Mingo, SE MO.



Diana Mullich
March 2006:  Black rat snake, near Fellows Lake.

April 2006:  Prairie Kingsnake, Van Meter State Park.

April 2006:  Eastern Narrow-mouth Toad.  Herp field trip to Bull Shoals.

May 2006:  Garter snakes from Diana and Neil's behavioral ecology project.

July 2006:  Another interesting find while collecting cottonmouths in Alabama.



Evan Menzel
Oct. 2005:  4 Juvenile Northern Water Snakes.  Near Lake Springfield.

Feb. 2006:  2 Yellow-bellied Water Snakes, near the Arkansas River in Oklahoma.

No caption necessary

March 2006:  Black Rat Snake, Crane Creek.

March 2006:  Black Rat Snake and Evan's belly, Crane Creek.

April 2006:  This is normal - Evan has a banded scuplin in his mouth, which has a southern redbelly dace in its mouth.

May 2006:  Cottonmouth.  Duck Creek - SE MO.



Jolene Bowers
Jan. 2006:  Searching for mussels.  Spring River, MO.

April 2006

April 2006


Kristy Marson (Ag. dept.)
April 2006:  Three-toed box turtle.  Near Sedalia, MO.

April 2006:  Prairie Kingsnake.  Van Meter State Park.

April 2006:  Herp field trip to Bull Shoals.  Scorpion (anyone else seeing a trend???)


Neil Dazet
Oct. 2005: Northern Water Snake.  Lake Springfield.


March 2006:  Basking turtles at Lake Springfield - Nature Center.

March 2006:  Prairie Kingsnake.  Houston, TX.


March 2006: Red-eared Slider.  Houston, TX.

April 2006:  Black rat snake.  Galloway Creek.

April 2006:  Rough Green Snake.  Prairie State Park.

April 2006:  Yellow-bellied Racer. BSFS.

May 2006:   Osage Copperhead.  Duck Creek - SE MO.

May 2006:  Garter snakes from Neil and Diana's behavioral ecology project.

May 2006:  Spotted Salamander.  Mingo - SE MO.

May 2006:  Garter snake.  Springfield, MO.

June 2006:  25 common map turtles hand-caught on the Jack's Fork River (MO) by Neil, Diana, and Ryan for a PhD student at Iowa State.


Ryan Combs
March 2006:  Ryan (foreground) and alligator (background).  Huntsville, TX.

March 2006:  Non-scientific method for measuring a large road-killed black rat snake. Eastern TX.

March 2006:  Yellow-bellied Water Snake.  Livingston, TX.

April 2006:  Huge Cottonmouth caught in Arkansas.

another view...



Todd Fobian
Oct. 2005:  Common Snapping Turtle. Beaver Creek, MO.

Oct. 2005:  Rainbow and broken rays mussels.  Beaver Creek, MO.

May 2005:  Endangered higgens eye mussels grown out in cages.  Lake Peppin, MN.

April 2006



Zac Beussink
June 2005:  Looking at a rabbitsfoot mussel.  Black River, AR


Look at that hair...

Nice B&W pic of Zac with a Striper

Zac and a hellbender.

Zac and canoe near Crane creek, Stone Co., MO.