Multicultural Student Recruitment Team


Just a little information about MSRT:



MSRT is committed to increase the enrollment and retention rates of multicultural students by promoting academic excellence; making efforts to improve the recruitment and admission process; providing an active voice in the university enrollment management policies; and creating an awareness of the presence of multicultural students on campus and in the community. 

We are attempting to increase enrollment by constructing college student panels to talk with prospective students about Missouri State University, as well as taking trips to cities like Kansas City and St. Louis to meet with prospective students at different college fairs and high schools. We open this opportunity up to any MSU student interested in participating.

We are increasing retention rates by encouraging current MSU students to become actively involved in all MSRT events. During the first weekend after the fall semester starts, MSRT produces “The Gathering,” which offers our campus and the Springfield community a glimpse of the different multicultural organizations that Missouri State has to offer.  During second semester, MSRT also helps with MSU’s annual step show, "Battle on the Yard," which serves as our retention event for second semester. Our organization is open for all students to join.

We have bi weekly General Assembly meetings. If you are interested in joining, please contact an executive board member.