Welcome to Jane D.O.E. at
Missouri State

Jane Doe is the name given to a faceless, nameless woman. She might wear a toe tag. She might be a statistic. The only story is what she has left behind. This organization will strive give voice to women who have none, reclaim those who have been misrepresented and empower women of today and the future.


What is Jane D.O.E.?

Jane D.O.E. is an organization designed to

  1. organize a community of supporters of women’s rights,
  2. educate the campus and community of women’s issues,
  3. empower the women of today and tomorrow!

One of the ways we plan to empower women is to reclaim women of the past.

D.O.E. - Daughters of Eve

Eve regardless of religious views, is known—at least—as a character in literature. For centuries, she has been portrayed in literature and art as the seductress, the origin of all evil, the women who brought corruption to the Earth.

Eve syndrome: n. ('Ev 'sin-"drOm)
A theory suggesting that many women have been trying to prove themselves innocent of the sins of Eve since her name was stained in our early history.


Jane D.O.E. seeks to reclaim the story of Eve and the stories of all women, knowing they are not obligated to prove their worth based on expectations of history or society.


To contact us, please direct emails to JaneDoeMSU@gmail.com.