Student Organization Leadership Development (SOLD) schedule for Fall 2016.


Student Organization Leadership Development (SOLD) is a series of workshops and training to help student organization members and leaders achieve their goals, develop knowledge and skills of organizational leaders, raise awareness about university policies and resources, and promote responsibility, respect, and positive experiences through student organization involvement. Through the attendance of the entire SOLD program in connection to their involvement in student organizations, students will have reached the following identified learning outcomes:

Co-Curricular Involvement Identified Outcomes for Workshops & Training Programs:

  • Leadership Development
  1. Understand own leadership styles and abilities
  2. Develop others through leadership and as a mentor
  3. Explore personal impact as a role model by fostering leadership in individuals/communities
  4. Exhibit ability to articulate a group mission and desired outcomes
  5. Articulate, make decisions, and model behaviors that reflect personal values and ethics
  6. Use complex information from a variety of sources including personal experience and observation to form a decision or opinion
  7. Employ critical thinking skills in a variety of contexts
  • Collaboration and Mediation
  1. Work positively and cooperatively with others
  2. Contribute to achievement of group goals or shared vision
  • Self-Awareness
  1. Identify personal, work and lifestyle values and understand how they influence decision making
  2. Develop awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  1. Identify and engage target audience
  2. Promote positive group representation in the community and on campus
  • Administrative Management
  1. Connect organization’s mission to programing efforts
  2. Evaluate organization’s effectiveness through internal assessment

The programs will focus around ways to help better your student organization and provide them with the tools and resources for the future. If there are any questions, please contact Regan Baker at