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EMA Mission...

The Entertainment Management Association at Missouri State University is a student organization providing the opportunity for Missouri State students to gain experience, make contacts, and learn about the entertainment industry through tours, speakers, and special events.

EMA Vision...

We are here to expose Missouri State University students to the wide range of opportunities in the entertainment industry, which encompasses amusement and theme parks, venues, music, special events, and sports.  The entertainment industry is becoming an increasingly prominent part of today's society and is shaping the way people spend their free time and money.  The Entertainment Management Association feels that serving Missouri State students, and by acting as a gatekeeper to the entertainment industry, we can develop a more well-rounded and experienced student that is qualified to take on a professional position in the industry.

Our association is based on two main focuses: experience and networking.  Experience is acquired mainly through volunteering to work at special events in the entertainment industry as well as putting on our own special events, such as concerts and other fundraisers.  Networking is acquired through contact with speakers brought in by the organizations and by tours in local and regional entertainment venues.  Our vision of helping to produce well-rounded and experienced students is based highly upon these focuses of experience and networking.  Through volunteering, putting on events, bringing in speakers, and going on tours, every student involved with the Entertainment Management Association will come away with confidence in their abilities and knowledge of what it takes to work, and succeed in the entertainment industry.

Entertainment Management Major...

The EM major is an ever-growing program at Missouri State University.  With over 200 EM majors, students can gain experience in four areas: Music/Artist Management, Sports Management, Venue Management, and Event Management.

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