Association of Information Technology Professionals

Mission statement

It is the mission of the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) to provide superior leadership and education in Information Technology. AITP is dedicated to using the synergy of Information Technology partnerships to provide education and benefits to our members and to working with the industry to assist in the overall promotion and direction of Information Technology.

Vision statement

AITP is dedicated to providing industry leadership and professional development to members of the Information Technology profession.


The AITP roots begin in the 1950s with a group of technically minded people who saw that technology was moving so fast that there would be a need for technically minded people like themselves to have a users group as a resource they could turn to in order to keep ahead.

Member development

The purposes of AITP are to enable members to more effectively perform their duties through the utilization of information systems technologies to enhance decision making in government, education and private enterprise.

To inculcate among its members a better understanding of data processing and data processing management through education and research in the technical methods pertaining thereto with a view to their improvement.

To foster, promote and develop education and scientific inquiry in the field of data processing and data processing managerial/administrative skills.

To supply to its members information enabling them to keep abreast of the “state-of-the-art” Informational Technology and to cooperate with them and with the educational institutions in the advancement of the science of data processing.

To provide definitive knowledge criteria for specific levels of expertise within the field of information processing. To assist in the member’s growth as an individual, as a manager and as a professional.

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