"The Delta girl is one who has been given the opportunity of education and broad development: she is one who has enjoyed the privileges of culture and selected environment...It is pleasing to a heartfelt depth to see her not as self centered, not desirous of selfish power, not wanting the plaudits of people, not wanting glory- but with a purpose which directs her activities and all that she may control toward lifting somebody else.

-Soror Mary McCleod-Bethune.



Like Deltas, Violets must be individually selected You cannot grab a handful without damaging some of them. They cannot be roughly picked or picked in a hurry.

Like Deltas, the Violet is not the kind of flower that Shows off its fullest beauty standing alone, but is Naturally gregarious and looks best in natural clusters.

However, like Deltas, the Violet can stand alone and Still reflect beauty.

Like Deltas, despite the violet's that has passed its Allotted time for blooming retains the dignity and coloration That bespeaks its exclusive culture.

Soror Marie Johnson    

Hartford Alumnae Chapter  



The Delta Woman

Lovely creature
Hand made by God
Smooth-spoken woman
Modeling and serving
She is conspicuous as a growing seed
She is solid as a rock
She is as wayfaring as an ant
She stirs, serves, and hastes on.

Lovely creature
Hand-made by God
Smooth-spoken woman
Constant and valiant
Come wind, come rain
Comes no discouragement
She is relentless
Her vowed intent
She is a strong woman!

Lovely creature
Hand-made by God
Smooth-spoken woman
No task will she flee
This is right, for you see,
She is a Delta!

Lovely creature
Hand-made by God
Smooth-spoken woman
No hobglobin nor foul fiend
Can daunt her fine spirit.
So, she labors night and day;
Being ever true to herself,
Being ever true to Delta!



One True Delta

A woman of love, peace, and happiness
With a passionate, burning dream
To become one of the women
Who wears the Crimson and Cream

Her heart, like the elephant
Is as strong as can be
While, like the pyramid, she has three sides
One side for them, one side for you, and always one side for me

Her love for DST
Was evident from the start
When asked why be a Delta?
She said, "It's just in my heart!"

With the wind to her back
And God's presence there just the same
Here dream reached reality
And a Delta she became

So she will wear the Crimson and Cream
And it will be there to stay
Because she will be "One True Delta"
Until her last dying day

By: Jumond Greene




by Paula Marshall

Distinctive, devoted, delightful, dedicated
women of distinction,
carrying themselves proud yet humble
as the young girl is surrounded by the elders,
she gazes at these...
women of distinction,
dreaming that someday
she could be like them too
honored, revered,
cherished and loved,
yet with all the love and honoring they receive
they carry themselves with more humility than you and me
those are the women of distinction
they pass through a crowd and stand out
only because they know what it is to live with and without
they know what it is to work hard without recognition
as they rippened on the tree and their flowers bloomed
they hung gently from the tree
suddenly to be noticed by you and me
because that is not what they're all about
but because you can't ignore the doctors, the lawyers,
the dreamers who live the dream
the aspiring women who created hope in us
the women who would not stay on the back of the bus
the warriors when no one else would fight
the leaders when few wanted to follow
This is to say thanks to those who made it possible
for me to be here today,
living my dream among the crop as the cream.

This poem is dedicated to our 22 illustrious founders.


The Torch

by soror lia
theta alpha - spring 1996
chicago alumnae chapter


darkness once ruled our world
lost and alone in this infinite wilderness
we could not find our way
until we saw the light.

there was no one around to guide us
no one to hold our hands
our vision and our soul stained with ignorance
until we saw the light.

then you appeared
providing your love and guidance
lighting for us the torch -
ending our voyage of darkness
leading us to the eternal delta light



I wonder if they knew

By Soror Rona Morris
written for 86th founders' day
january 13, 1999

eighty-six years prior to this day
twenty-two women paved the way
for sistas like me...and her...and her...

delta women!
beautiful, strong, dignified, college educated,
driven women of courage.

but don't sleep!
they paved the way for you, too.

they marched for women's suffrage,
rallied in the political arena,
and participated in a revolution of change in the black community.
forever reaching out with open arms to uplift society.

women of variety...actress, accountant, teacher, preacher,
musician, politician, physician, biologist, psychologist...whew!
there is no end to this list!

 96 years
4,992 weeks
35,040 days of delta!!!!!!!!!!!

who are we my sisters and me...

on the surface you may choose to see
stepping, oo-oops, and crimson and cream.
but take a closer look you are guaranteed to find
hard working women with brilliant minds.

today marks the last founders' day of this century
but deltas will continue to make history.

i wonder if they knew,
if they could foresee
how great delta sigma theta would come to be!


You are my sister

by soror rachelle guillory
theta psi - spring 1984
inglewood alumnae chapter

a sister
lends an ear
chastises, with love, when needed
understands, when others fail to
doesn't hastily judge

a sister
agrees, disagrees as well
wipes a tear, sheds one too
but love prevails and abides in the end

a sister
supports you despite your shortcomings
can apologize for her inadequacies -
most importantly a sister forgives
and gives love, which is the greater of these

Sororities hopeful prayer

from "phasadst" - lambda chapter

now i lay me down to sleep
i pray for a sorority where i pledge for longer than a week
a sorority where there are women who are cute but also smart
no time for looking in the mirror while being an undercover freak in the dark

i pray for a sorority with members of all shades
not one with just light-skinned chicks constantly chanting how they love their aka
is there still a sorority that is dedicated to community service?
tired of paper, letter wearing broads who act all nervous

I'm looking for a sorority with excitement and flair
not sororities who sport blue and white and seldom comb their hair
a sorority that consists of the worlds most prominent daughters and mothers
not some token sorority who only slave to their brothers
i need a sorority who is not all about the frat
but who holds their own and knows that our bruhs will have our back

please do not insult me with a sorority who will only hinder
i am a college student who needs to network
i need more than five members

well lord i have prayed and now i will wait and see
hopefully iíll be accepted by those divas of dst



The bonds of DELTA can never be broken
Together we have all crossed the same sands
together we have learned the same things.
Which chapter?
Does it matter?
We are sorors...

Soror means I can lean on you
You'll be there for me, and I for you.
Soror means I can call all night
and you'll answer the phone without a fight

Soror means you're more than a friend
Soror means on you I can depend
Soror means I'm your supporter
whatever you do I'm in your corner

To Delta Sigma Theta we're all so true
Soror means, I love you!




Long ago and far away

Twenty-two began a brand new day.
They wanted more than just a social life
They desired to be more than just a wife.
These twenty-two had a larger vision
And that soon caused them great division.
Some went left, but most went Right
And strove to reach a higher light.
They wanted to make a better place
And give their children a broader space
To expand their minds and their hearts
And give to the world the best parts
Of being Intelligent, Female, and Black.
These twenty-two started the forward motion
But theirs was just the tip of this Delta notion
They gave the foundation and an example to follow
They made it strong and solid, not hollow.
Their legacy remains as a directional arrow
And the time is now to release the sparrow
To fly free and soar to heights unknown
But she must never travel alone.
Along with her sisters the job gets done.
Along with her SORORS the battle is

By Soror Valerie L. Thomas


And God said

I`ll make a woman, a woman of essence
A woman of pride, a woman who is capable
Of putting trivial things a side
A woman of individuality
A woman of love,
A woman who is enfranchised
With the pearls from above
A woman who is genuine,
 A leader of integrity,
God said...
I`ll make me a
REAL woman, I`ll call her

~~Author: Unkown~~

A Delta woman

A delta Woman

A Delta woman, full of style and grace,
You hardly ever, see a frown on her face
Full of class and of light, everyone knows,
This Delta's tight, She never complains when
Something doesn't go her way, She prays and has faith,
Knowing everything will be O.K.
A Delta woman, it could be you or me,
But a Delta woman couldn't be just anybody...

Soror Cynthia Bowers





I had not thought of violets of late,
The wild, shy kind that spring beneath your feet

In wistful April days, when lovers mate
And wander through the fields in raptures sweet.
The thought of violets meant florists' shops,
And cabarets and soaps, and deadening wines.
So far from sweet real things my thoughts had strayed,
I had forgot wide fields; and clear brown streams;
The perfect loveliness that God has made, -
Wild violets shy and Heaven-mounting dreams.
And now - unwittingly, you've made me dream
Of violets, and my soul's forgotten gleam.

-Soror Alice Dunbar Nelson
Published in Aug. 1919